Thursday, 11 January 2018


Greenpeace started to point the finger to these huge inlands of plastic waste in the oceans which results of marine live ending up dying being wrap-up in it. Till such time nobody was aware of it.

Now the press picked it up and it turned into a huge scandal of sea pollution.

Surely, before that some powerful people must have been aware what was going on and could have stopped it because they tried to get rid of it by putting microbeats into milk, shampoos and other products till the scandal broke.

The fault lies with the so-called recycling organisations which apparently do not do their job.

In my opinion and suspicion, it is not the man in the street throwing away a bottle or plastic bag. These huge plastic island do not come from that. It must be the so-called recycling organisations which dump whole shiploads into the oceans. Only that could cause these absolute enormous plastic islands.

Of course, the Tory Government finds straightaway a great opportunity and put a charge on plastic bags of 5p which adds nothing but an additional income to the supermarkets.

Now, they are talking of putting a plastic tax on plastic bottle which does not solve the problem but is a welcome extra tax income.

China adds to the problem now in refusing buying discarded plastic products.

In my opinion, the solution would be in really recycling the plastic into micro beats and using it as raw material. Why can’t that be done? Is it costs? To produce all these plastic bottles they must use a raw material. So why not recycle the plastic waste back into raw material?

Of course. I must admit I have no knowledge how it all works but in my view, that would be the answer.

For years, we have been aware now of the landfill with plastic which does not break down. The answer came to sort household waste from plastic and paper out. Every household is faithfully doing it, with extra bins provided.

Now Greenpeace opened our eyes of these terrible huge plastic islands which only could be created by ships dumping there the recycling waste half way of their journey.

If so, it would be there where the Government should be looking in to it or do they already know the culprits which bound to be one of the fatcats. It seems, these days, always the same cause of any scandals which then gets covered up or hopefully forgotten when other sandals come up or our attention is redirected by some other news.

Scandals seem to be multiplying rapidly and hardly or never get resolved. At the PMQ the PM or her ministers give nothing but “Thank you for raising the question and we will look in to it” or similar empty phrases. It never gets resolved.

This time, with Greenpeace involved, there will be a result because Greenpeace never gives up till the problem is solved. GOOD LUCK!



Sunday, 17 December 2017


Whenever May is in Brussels she announces, with a great smile, that she achieved another victory for Brexit. Unfortunately, so far, it turns out to be false.

At first, she makes us believe she makes the EU change its mind over the demand of £60bn divorce bill and several other points. When May refused and the EU stopped negotiation.

When she returned May announced she would pay £39bn, officially, but with so many lies it is not knowing what she really promised to pay. However, the EU started to open its doors again for further talks.

After further talks, May, again gleefully announced that she achieved to start trade negotiation and Brexit is well on its way. She also received an applause after her speech at a dinner in Brussels. It does make you more suspicious of what really went on.

It didn’t take a day that the truth came through. EU slammed on its brakes and showed its full power.

1 - They blocked further trade talks till March 2018

2 - They ban any trade deals with the rest of the world till 2021

Concluding, UK will be in the EU till 2021 and no promise of it being the final. It came after May was willing to pay £39bn, officially. Does it also mean that UK will have to pay their membership of £19bn each year plus all sorts of other fees, like paying for other countries which have not got their fees? In view of the two years extra, the EU would have their £60bn as demanded; a very clever move. The EU certainly knows how to make sure the money keeps rolling in.

It is known that the EU is the most corrupt organisation. Many years ago, the scandal broke that over £95tn are unaccounted for and the auditors refused to sign their account, tells everything. The EU supposed to be going bankrupt, despite of billions rolling in.

It is very doubtful that MPs, especial a group of Tory’s rebels will accept these new outcomes. There will be a vote on Wednesday, 17 Dec., 2017 in the House of Commons. Therefore, May could face another defeat.

The other problem May has, is to face the US and Saudi Arabia confrontation.

US president Donald Trump announced to make Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and planning to move his embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It was the most unwise decision any leader could have made in view of the constant Israeli domineering and tormenting Palestinian people pushing them to extinction and possessing the whole land.

There was an immediate uproar and protest from Palestine and its people and hundred died already being shot dead by Israeli soldiers. Well done, clever Trump. Anyone could have foreseen that.

The tension also was increased by Saudi Arabia. They disagreed with the decision and announced to support Palestine. In other words, confronting Trump and the US, if necessary. It will also have an impact on the mighty Israelis.

Even the UN announced a resolution against Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel. It will be interesting to see the reaction of Israel now.

But the most interesting point will be how May will deal with the situation. US and Saudi Arabia are her biggest Allies and weapon buyer.

Whichever side she moves to the other party will be lost and most probably turn hostile towards the UK.

Or will she play ostrich and trying to put her head into the sand, hopefully it will blow over again but with such an important confrontation it is hard to belief it will have an impact in future no matter how much she is trying to be diplomatic and keep out of it.
It also raises the question, will she and the Tories be able to cope with two such major issues or will they have to resign, which all people hope and Labour comes into power?

Well, as the saying goes “Time will tell”.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Update 30 Dec., 2017 -- Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is now in negotiation with Turkey to create a Muslim Alliance, plus other Middle East countries to back Palestine. Trump couldn't have  poked into a bigger hornets' nest.

Its high time and to be acknowledge for America to be stopped using the Middle East as their army playground.

May certainly has got herself into the biggest trap there is. She couldn't have chosen two bigger opponents if she tried to.

She’ll have to decide between her biggest allies the USA and Saudi Arabia because Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; Saudi Arabia declared occupied East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

It is the worse scenario any leader could have found themselves in.

Whichever side she chooses she will not only lose a major arms’ dealer but also a confrontation with the other side which in today’s highly tensed political atmosphere can be very dangerous and disastrous.

Trump done the worst political decision he could have taken. How on earth could he have declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and at the same time announced to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

The action of Israel towards the Palestinian people is appalling and the world is waking up to the fact. Instead of caution Israel to stop their action Trump adds oil to the fire. He could not have done any worse to ignite the tension and make Israel feel more in their rights, which they have not.

Of course, Trump would not dare to challenge Israel and no other leader would. Israel has too much power with their widespread high-powered connections to be confronted and that is why they get away literally with murder.

However, for Trump to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was his worst decision but most probably would not cost him his job because of the high present of powerful Jewish people in American.

But coming back to the problem PM May will face when she’ll have to decide and decide she will have to. So far, we have not heard a word about that predicament or any decision.

It is such a highly sensitive subject that her decision might set the fuse wire alight.

With Trump constantly challenging Kim-Jong-un making the situation worse with Kim-Jong-un declaring if US blockades NK it will be an act of war. He only waits for any excuse to start a nuclear war.
Now he sets the cat amongst the pigeons with declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving his embassy there. What is the man thinking of?

Trump is another one who mislead the public by promising he’ll bring peace in his election campaign.

It seems these election candidates, today, keep promising anything to catch the voters and when voted in, do right the opposite and are all out for their pot of gold. That has to stop.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is the only one who honestly means well with the people. He is so honest, down-to-earth and has only the interest of the people at heart that it is hard to be belief he would change if elected as PM.

The way May and her zombies keep running the people and country into the ground it is unbelievable they are not forced out before it is too late. Even if May sticks to her seat with the biggest pot of clue and any trick in the world; it is a fact that she and the Tories are ruining the UK and the must be a way to get them out.

 It just isn’t fair that those few have the power to ruin the life and killing the people who voted them in. The die-hard Tory voters should be ashamed of themselves to see terrible harm their party causes. They must face it because they are responsible for 120,000 death since 2010 and it is the data of the Office of National Statistics!!!!

Saturday, 18 November 2017



Wow, this is great news and a move in the right direction.

Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man signed an agreement to stop tax dodging.

It has to be admired, their quick move after the revelation of the second tax dodging papers.

The first scandal was the Panama Papers which in retrospect had no result in the UK of any prosecution. The second was the Paradise Papers which many renamed Parasite Papers.

At first there were some chairs wobbling in Parliament but with the other scandal of Sex-Pests in Westminster it seems to have slipped, again, out of the limelight and apparently nothing will happen again.

Three tax havens where fatcats can put their money through a complicated but legal scheme, seem to have changed their minds.

Jersey’s chief minister Ian Gorst said he wanted to ensure “our island and financial services are not used by rogue operations”.

It is a good start and hopefully the other tax haven islands will follow soon.

Tax avoidance is legal by law and tax evasion is not but as a matter of fact they both lose the country trillions of pounds. Both systems are nothing but tax dodging and should be shut down. Surely no other country has such great amount of unpaid taxes.

Even EU are introducing laws to stop these tax dodging which nothing but ruin a country and making greedy fatcats even richer.

A fine example is the UK. Never, in recent decades had there been such a  massive gap between Super-rich and poor who chose between buying food or heating their home, even when they are working. In the last two years there were thousands of dead caused by starvation and/or hyperthermia.

Therefore, it had to be admired and appreciated by the people that Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man had taken the initiative so quickly to force tax dodgers out.

Tory Government have promised for years to cut them down but nothing happened. HMRC hardly have the staff to follow these complex routes because the government cut 11,000 and still planning a further 8,000.

How can Cameron and May talk about stopping tax dodging when at the same time they cut HMRC drastically. This is sheer hypocrisy.

The other point is that most of the tax haven are British and furthermore all those tax dodgers are donors to Conservatives and very close friends.

If they would really attempt to stop tax dodging the fatcats would turn on them with all the claws drawn and the Conservatives would not only be out of Government but also bankrupt.

But why open their mouth and promise knowing very well they would not and could not do it? People, today, are fully informed and aware of the situation.
It had been reckoned that the UK loses £120bn a year and the Tories do nothing about it but rather cutting Welfare, forcing disabled, some terminal ill, people into work, Universal Credit now rolled out but for six weeks no money. 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

NORTH KOREA VS USA Update 7 Dec., 2017

Update 7 Dec., 2017 -- Fox News announced that a nuclear war is inevitable. The question is when and not if. The constant display of armouries and war exercises of US and Allies over South Korea is to blame for sharpening tension between the two nation and the world. 

The words of Trump during his election campaign were: "I bring peace; that's what I do", soon forgotten the moment he was president and caused friction ever since.

There was and is no need for the US, dragging UK and other countries in, to show again their Almightiness and bring a nuclear war to its head. So far, NK has not threatened UK so why follow US into the most dangerous war? Labour leader Harold Wilson was the only one who said "NO" to USA with the Vietnam war and saved thousands of lives.

While the constant exchange of insults from Washington and Pyongyang rages; the world keeps edging towards a war which could be most dangerous – a nuclear war.

A report brings us more facts about North Korea.

Analysis ranging from unclear detonations to 8,000 artilleries facing 25 million people in South Korea capital Seoul. It is half of South Korea population.

Before the US and their Allies thinking of attacking NK and feel already as victors; they got seriously to look at all the cost of lives and finances.

NK is a complete different situation to all the previous wars and invasions.

The most important point has to be considered, the aftermath if USA won.

East Germany was one of the most peaceful unification between East and West Germany, but it still costs $1,9trillion.

NK and SK unification, if peaceful, would be an estimated $800billion to $2trillion. The most important question is who is going to pay for it?

USA, reported only two days ago, is on the brink of bankruptcy. Even if the finances would be there it would blow a big hole as well as causes great manufacturing problems in other countries.

SK produces parts for Samsung flat-screen, Hyundai hatch backs and others. A conflict would stop many manufacturers which would have an impact worldwide.

SK has already reckoned with the cost of reconstruction of NK but not for their own country which will also be greatly damaged during the conflict. Even if China and Japan might help most of the costs will fall onto the USA.

It is thought that NK is capable of destroying an area of the Mississippi.

Now let’s us look at the cost of human lives and another surge of refugees. Comparing with the Syrian crises it is estimated of around five million if not more. These will be heading to the nearest country China and Russia at first.

Both countries have already strengthened their borders.

SK will have to resettle their own people and could stop NK refugees crossing the DMZ.

Even today the world is still not coping with the refugees from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan. A situation created by the USA and its Allies. While the USA is far from it all and now has almost closed their borders Europe and the Middle East take the brand.

There is no doubt that the USA encouraged Brussels to introduce “Schenken” law which means opens borders of all the 28 EU countries and they have been flooded ever since.

Max Brooks writes that not all refugees will be friendly.

Accordingly, NK receives a lot of cash from an unbelievable web sponsored by the state and their criminal activities are kept under control by Pyongyang.

The question is now what will happen at a defeat of NK? They are small group of mafias created and trained by one of the world’s hardest regimes.

Of course, they will spread to find new markets to operate.

As previously al Qaeda derived from anti-Soviet guerrillas and ISIS from Saddam Hussain’s Republican Guards. (Well done Bush and Blair)

These gangs coming out of NK would be highly trained, highly disciplined professional warriors forced to find a new way of live.

They would be full of revenge and able to get hold of weapons of the widest range such as chemical, biological and even nuclear.

This will be the situation of a chaotic aftermath which is almost worse than the war itself.

A lesson should be learned from the Iraq invasion. It cost more than a $1trillion, over one million people were killed, military and civilians, and the troubles still continuous today.

To finalise it, so far nobody has an answer how to stop Kim-Jong-un but bull-dozing into again is not the answer.

This war will be worse than any before, especially if he uses nuclear weapons and pushed into a tight corner, he will. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Losing or have already lost democracy?

The recent written “repeal Bill” seems to have too many restrictions the  on rights of British people but too many legislations restrict the Freedom and Democracy.

Although many newspapers and articles seem to have protested but the new repeal bill was voted in at the second time presented in the House of Commons.

It was a surprise that MPs did agree with it and another surprise the DUP voted against it joining the Labour Party. DUP is a coalition with the Tories but seems to vote rather with their conscious.

Having a lot of political turmoil all over the world the full impact of the repeal bill did not fully hit the public, including me, although a lot of warning signs were put out.

When I saw the above picture it hit me. Although, I thought it was a bit stretch too far. Later on, when I thought about it, it occurred to me that all total power grabbing people started quietly.

There is Hitler still spoken mostly about. He was just a soldier in the first WWI; came from an average family with no fortune behind them; Germany had the biggest inflation in history.  He got himself noted with his brown-shirted followers and big lies and walking out every time they should have voted in the Reichstag.

However, the main question remains, where did he get these massive sums of money from to build up a totally crashed economy and overnight? Yes, he started the Autobahn but it needed money which was not there because of inflation.

Some powerful, rich people or organisation must have encouraged Hitler, knowing very well he was mental, damaged by gas from the WWI. One was always named was Ford.

Looking at Hitler and the other dictators, it shows that they were all power-mad people and done anything to get the total control with that fact it does not seem so impossible in the UK. They all had a group around them encouraging that person and fearing to lose their own grip on power at the same time.

Therefore, it seems real that democracy has gone and PM May and the Tories did grab the full power if the bill gets the majority votes the third time. At the moment, Tories have a small majority over Labour. PM May bound to make sure they all vote in favour to keep their grips on the country.

After all, she let the £12bn Welfare cut, on top of all the hardship already existed, go through and it came into power on the 1 April, 2017. The full devastating impact has not shown yet; although 4,000 disabled people starved to death or committed suicide. She cut the winter fuel payment for pensioners although 40,000 died last winter of hyperthermia. They were scared to heat their home properly fearing a bill they cannot pay. 50,000 disabled people’s benefit was stopped for six months although the court stated it is illegal. 60,000 adapted cars for disabled people were taken off the road.

Trussel Trust the biggest food bank organiser was screaming at the Government to stop austerity because they can’t cope much longer, 1 million food parcel in 2016 and rapidly rising.

Starvation, homelessness, EU lowest wages, financially deprived schools, NHS and councils adds to the picture of PM May and her government ruthlessness and tyrannical rules while her friends became the richest in the world since 2010

Looking from all angles, it does not seem impossible for May to be the next dictators.

Some newspapers already labelled her a tin god dictator.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


This is one of my favourite recipes and I only can recommend it. It is easy to make following the instruction below and very nourishing:

The Classic Chicken Noodle Soup serves six people.

One 1.5 kg free-range chicken or 1.2 kg already sliced chicken

3 litres (5 pints) chicken stock

2 teaspoons of salt

1 inch ginger, peeled and cut

2 garlic cloves, thinly cut

4 tablespoon fish sauce

10 peppercorns

2 onions, peeled and finely sliced

4 tablespoons crisp-fried shallots (available from Chinese supermarkets)

300 g (10 oz) rice noodles

6 spring onions sliced

3 tablespoons chopped coriander

Put the chicken in the pot and poor chicken stock to cover, add salt, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, peppercorns, onions and shallots.

Bring it to boil, reduce the heat, and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove chicken and put aside for later. If you use sliced chicken simmer only 20 minutes and pour stock into a separate saucepan.

Then continue to simmer for half an hour to reduce the stock by half. Strain and return the stock to the heat. Skim off the fat floating on the top but it is optional.

Break the noodles into 1-in pieces put into a separate dish pour over boiling hot water and leave it for one minute. Drain off the water.

Serve it in a large soup dish or in six bowls. Put the noodles and pour the chicken soup over itTop of FormBottom of FormTop of FormBottom of Form

Sprinkle spring onions and coriander.

Offer lime wedges, thinly sliced red chillies and basil sprigs for serving.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Top of FormBottom of Form