Saturday, 17 March 2018


It had been stated, several times, that London is the most corrupt financial city. What can be done to clean it up and who starts the ball rolling? It will definite not be the fatcats which have no intention of paying their taxes. It won’t be PM May and her Tory Government although she keeps giving speeches about getting tough with tax avoiders.

Roberto Saviano an anti-mafia journalist said: “London is the heart of global financial corruption. All managed by Rich and Elite Tories and Tax Avoiding Friends which became UK to be known as the most corrupt place on earth.”

Well, that is something to be proud of to achieve that.

Saviano wrote a book exposing Neapolitan, Camorra and Mafia and pays for it by living under armed police guard for over 10 years.

He explained that it is not UK bureaucracy, police or politics, the last I personally would have objection, but what is corrupt is the financial city. 90 per cent of the owners of capital in London have their headquarters offshore.

In his opinion, leaving EU there is a hidden danger which would reduce the joint attempt to fight illegal economies. He pointed out the Qatari society, Mexico cartels, Russian Mafia to gain more power.   

He added that there is proof and evidence that today, the criminal economy is bigger than the legal economy, drug trafficking overshadows the revenue of oil firms. Cocaine brings in £300bn a year. Criminal activities have no rules and like the Mafia are highly organised crimes do not respect the rules of law as most of the financial companies who have offshore residence.

Saviano remembers how he felt writing the book that led to the Camorra to warn him they would kill him.

He said: “In my lifetime 4,000 people have been killed in Naples and surround by the Camorra, but when I was younger I did not have a clear perception of the criminal power that ruled that area.”

His eyes were opened and his mind was changed at a murder of a priest. He was 30 years old and shot in the face because he spoke against the Camorra.

Saviano said: “For the love of my people I will not keep quiet in the face of a dictatorship run by the Mafia.  He called it a totalitarian power within a democracy and wrote an essay denouncing them.”

Saviano’s life changed completely since he wrote his book. There were many books written about the Mafia but what Saviano done wrong was to name names and stating facts exposing people in the Camorra and their actions.

He is now followed by two bullet-proof cars and has five officers to protect him. Sometimes, he feels guilty to bring other people into danger. He lived like that for 10 years.

His advice is not to take freedom of expression for granted and pointing out to brave Malala Yousafzai who was shot by the Taliban at 15 years because she campaigned for the right of girls to be educated. According to Saviano Taliban are the world’s biggest heroin traffickers and make a fortune. Yet, they tried to stop a 15 year old who spoke up for women and girls to go to school.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Although Grenfell came off the headlines and politicians, especially May, trying to ignore it but the experienced horror of the 14 June, 2017, has not gone away. The most effected are the victims and 200 crew from the Paddington firefighters who were the first.

One of the firefighters, Paul Abell, was able to talk about it. They were working non-stop going up and down the smoke-fill stairs. They had to listen to the screams and must have known they could not help everybody. This alone must be with them forever. Firefighters are highly trained to bring people out but a blaze like that it is impossible.

Even after six months, Tom, his colleagues and Grenfell victims are still having nightmares of the worst blaze which killed 71 adults and children.

Paul said that at first, he was numb but then it hit him like a tsunami out of the blue and he started crying. He and his colleagues have their ups and downs and it will never go away.  After all they spent nine hours in the heart of the devastation.

How these men were able to stand it is impossible to imagine. TV showed them coming out and sinking, completely exhausted, to the ground. Paul and eight others trying to lessen the mental trauma by training for the London marathon. They will raise funds for the affected families who most of them are still in temporary accommodations.  

This fact alone adds further to the victims’ trauma but Chelsea/Kensington council, which is one of the richest, does not seem to care. At one time, flats were found within the borough, but the rich neighbours threatened with selling up and it was dropped. It shows the heartlessness of the rich. The issue had been raised by the Labour Party many times in the House of Commons, but PM May gave an answer like “Yes, we are aware of it and look into it ”, obviously nothing happened.

After an investigation it showed the cheaper gladding, which saved merely £5,000, was the main reason for the rapidly rising fire. An inspection found there are 93 high-rising towers with the same dangerous gladding. The Tory government was asked to foot the bill of removing it and install sprinklers which were also missing in Grenfell. Both requests were refused.

The company responsible for the gladding is now bankrupt conveniently so they have not to pay compensation. The tenants of high-rising towers are asked to pay for the removing and new gladding, supposed to be more fire-resistant to be installed. That’s how May and her cronies get out of their responsibility. They forget that it is the people who voted them in and can at the next election, vote them out. They don’t do anything for the benefit of the people, on the contrary, for which they are there for. 


Aileen Coomber, 81, was 11 years when the NHS was established. She still has scares on her knees where she fell but her mother could not afford to take her to the doctor. Her younger sister had pneumonia and her mother had to nurse her through it because they didn’t have the money to pay for treatment.

This is not an isolated case but how it was generally and make no mistake it will be like that again. Already it was heralded that a doctor’s appointment could cost £20 or £40 or £60 all depending on the age, time to diagnose and then they will take their time.

Many make the mistake and thinking of safeguarding themselves with private insurance, but they want to make a sky-high profit and charge accordingly. Then it will be the case if you have enough money in the account for the treatment or not which is decisive whether to get the treatment now or having to wait till the money builds up.

Aileen had a 66-year career as a mental health nurse and fears now that Tories’ privatisation putting her beloved NHS in danger and it will the more privatisation is added. It must break Aileen’s heart to see it go and so will be all.

These corporations are not interesting in building a long-term NHS; they are only after profit the bigger the better. A few have already pulled out of their contracts because the big profit was not there. Even Branson was complaining but he is a different kettle of fish. He receives bail-outs like in his railways.

Branson also has the despicable nerve to sue NHS for £2bn because he didn’t get some contracts. To sue the NHS which is in such financial trouble takes a very ruthless, uncaring person. Already people dying at home because ambulances are not available because they are stuck outside hospitals because there is no place in corridors being filled with patience on trolleys because there are no more beds available.

Recently, a 46 year old nurse was having a heart attack and lying on a trolley in the corridor waiting for a doctor. The relative asked whether they could have a doctor urgently because of the seriousness of her medical condition. They were told that there is a queue of 40 urgent cases and they couldn’t possibly asked to jump the queue. As a result, she died before a doctor could attend to her.

Every day the newspapers are writing about such tragedies to high-light the urgency for more funding but to no avail. Nurses are so badly paid that they even have to go to food banks, yet they are so dedicated they are even treat people in the carpark to eliminate the pressure. Some nurses and doctors add unpaid hours to help patients.

Branson certainly shows what character he is to sue NHS which is facing such a critical situation where people dying on trolleys, which has never happened before. May will not bend to Jeremy Corbyn’s demand for more funding. Yet, she does not hesitate to give bankrupt Carillion another £100m which does nothing, but money wasted. It would have been a lifesaver for the NHS.

There are now reports that the NHS is to be sold to the USA. Especially the USA which has been known for decades for their diabolical health care.  Jeremy Hunt, who brought the NHS down to this state and still denies it, was already in NY in talk with Trump. Over 60,000 people demonstrated in London, but will it have an impact on May and the Tories to change their minds? The only real hope people have is on 22 May, 2018 the council election. If Labour wins a greater majority of seats, it would cut May’s power. At the moment, May acts like a dictator and is determined to destroy NHS and the Welfare State at all cost.

Therefore, think about it that the cross you put on your election paper has never been a bigger impact on life and death. It is no exaggeration as you can see people already dying unnecessary and if the Tories win it will the end of NHS as we know it. The same goes for the Welfare State.

Thursday, 8 February 2018


PM May and her Tories keep praising that the economy is improving. The reality shows a different picture.

It had been forecast that 60,000 shops will close and 300,000 staff redundant by the end of 2018 or 2019.

The devastation in British high streets are destroying whole communities. It is hard to tell what is the real reason behind it? The fact remains that if you cut benefits, keep wages low eventually people are forced to stop buying. The result is shop closures, manufacturing slowing down and redundancies which again comes back to less buying. It is a vicious circle with a downward spiral effect.

It isn’t rocket science and everybody can figure it out. So, why is the government not listening to the devastating results and still hell-bend on further cuts?
At first it affected the small shops in the High Street which closed-down when Austerity was introduced in 2012. Now, in the last year the big corporation and supermarket started to lose. Despite of it all, May introduced a £12billion Welfare cut and £16billion council cut.

The effect came before Christmas when it is always a great boom to the economy but last year it was not.

To add to the disastrous situation already, Bank of England increased interest rates to 0.5 per cent which increased lending, mortgage, prices in supermarket and rail fares.

It hit home; consumer stopped spending on Christmas presents.

The result is that ToysRus faced bankruptcy and saved themselves by closing 26 branches.

Moss Bros. issued profits warnings.

Thomas Cook closed 50 travel agency branches.

Debenhams had a drop of 2.6 per cent during Christmas.

Lloyds Bank closed around 800 branches in 2017.

Marks & Spencer non-food sales dropped by 2.8 per cent.

House of Fraser requested store rent cut from their landlords because of low Christmas business.

New Look fell on hard times and is still in trouble.

Big retailers stated that they surviving a worse time for 40 years. They also pointing out that the Government is not listening and adapting a policy which helps retailer.

The fear is real that the High Street as we know it will be soon lost and with that the community.

One backlash on retail and the High Street is the Internet. People are so pressed for time that they buy a lot from the Internet. It is understandable and very convenient but the disadvantage on the environment is an increase of delivery vans, traffic jams and pollution.

It is now up to the Government to find a solution to improve the problems. May can’t keep on putting her head into the sand much longer and never give a solution at PMQ and flapper about anything else but give an answer or quote false statistics. 

Sunday, 21 January 2018



It is not a blog to belittle the effects of plastic pollution in Oceans but at the same time to point out that Nuclear testing on islands and land has also a catastrophic effect on wildlife.

In my opinion, it had created the black hole, rather, then the sprays, petrol pollution and others; we were told was a great the cause of the black hole.

Since the 1950s USA and France held a great number of atom bomb tests on islands in the Pacific Ocean and France in the Sahara.

The fall-out and pollution is still effective after decades and will last for centuries.

USA held their testing on the Bikini Island at the beginning of 1960s. The local population was forced to evacuate to America. Officially there were 64 tests held. After decades it was declared safe to return and some did return. They grew crops and were fishing. Soon they complained of health problems which proved it was not safe and the nuclear pollution still existed.

France tested independently developed nuclear weapons first in the Algerian Sahara 1960-66 and then on French Polynesia in the Pacific from 1966 to 1996.

Officially 210 French nuclear testing had been done during 1960-1995.

It is assumed that France has a stockpile of 300 operational nuclear warheads.

Furthermore, Nuclear Waste has been dumped in Oceans constantly, assuring us it is safe. The reality is that nobody knows what the effects are on the casing over decades. All we are aware of is that it takes centuries of nuclear waste to be ineffective, if ever at all. 

In view of these devastating effects leaders still develop and building nuclear warheads which most probably, hopefully, they never use.

Another nuclear pollution comes from the tsunami disaster in Japan. They never bother or unable to control the nuclear spillage into the ocean from their damaged nuclear power station. The last we heard it still gets washed into the ocean.

The latest, North Korea constantly testing their nuclear missiles which end up in the ocean. Another leader who couldn’t care about the nuclear polluting effect it has.

We had two nuclear power stations’ disasters, one in Russia and the other in Japan. In Russia, land is polluted and fenced off still after 30 years and will be for further decades if not centuries.

After the two disasters Germany closed down all nuclear power stations and encouraged people to install solar panels. It has now so widely spread that the government was able to force energy suppliers to reduce their tariffs.

It also reduced the nuclear waste.
Britain done their testing in Australia.

But UK, after all the knowledge of disasters and nuclear waste which is hard if not impossible to store for centuries has now signed with China to build a new nuclear power station. It is folly and madness in one.

Why can’t the UK Government encourage the people to install solar panels which would have been less costly than building a new nuclear power station and the nuclear waste. The reason is that shareholders, which includes the Government and their friends, will not get the high dividends it is getting now.

Thursday, 11 January 2018


Greenpeace started to point the finger to these huge inlands of plastic waste in the oceans which results of marine live ending up dying being wrap-up in it. Till such time nobody was aware of it.

Now the press picked it up and it turned into a huge scandal of sea pollution.

Surely, before that some powerful people must have been aware what was going on and could have stopped it because they tried to get rid of it by putting microbeats into milk, shampoos and other products till the scandal broke.

The fault lies with the so-called recycling organisations which apparently do not do their job.

In my opinion and suspicion, it is not the man in the street throwing away a bottle or plastic bag. These huge plastic island do not come from that. It must be the so-called recycling organisations which dump whole shiploads into the oceans. Only that could cause these absolute enormous plastic islands.

Of course, the Tory Government finds straightaway a great opportunity and put a charge on plastic bags of 5p which adds nothing but an additional income to the supermarkets.

Now, they are talking of putting a plastic tax on plastic bottle which does not solve the problem but is a welcome extra tax income.

China adds to the problem now in refusing buying discarded plastic products.

In my opinion, the solution would be in really recycling the plastic into micro beats and using it as raw material. Why can’t that be done? Is it costs? To produce all these plastic bottles they must use a raw material. So why not recycle the plastic waste back into raw material?

Of course. I must admit I have no knowledge how it all works but in my view, that would be the answer.

For years, we have been aware now of the landfill with plastic which does not break down. The answer came to sort household waste from plastic and paper out. Every household is faithfully doing it, with extra bins provided.

Now Greenpeace opened our eyes of these terrible huge plastic islands which only could be created by ships dumping there the recycling waste half way of their journey.

If so, it would be there where the Government should be looking in to it or do they already know the culprits which bound to be one of the fatcats. It seems, these days, always the same cause of any scandals which then gets covered up or hopefully forgotten when other sandals come up or our attention is redirected by some other news.

Scandals seem to be multiplying rapidly and hardly or never get resolved. At the PMQ the PM or her ministers give nothing but “Thank you for raising the question and we will look in to it” or similar empty phrases. It never gets resolved.

This time, with Greenpeace involved, there will be a result because Greenpeace never gives up till the problem is solved. GOOD LUCK!



Sunday, 17 December 2017


Whenever May is in Brussels she announces, with a great smile, that she achieved another victory for Brexit. Unfortunately, so far, it turns out to be false.

At first, she makes us believe she makes the EU change its mind over the demand of £60bn divorce bill and several other points. When May refused and the EU stopped negotiation.

When she returned May announced she would pay £39bn, officially, but with so many lies it is not knowing what she really promised to pay. However, the EU started to open its doors again for further talks.

After further talks, May, again gleefully announced that she achieved to start trade negotiation and Brexit is well on its way. She also received an applause after her speech at a dinner in Brussels. It does make you more suspicious of what really went on.

It didn’t take a day that the truth came through. EU slammed on its brakes and showed its full power.

1 - They blocked further trade talks till March 2018

2 - They ban any trade deals with the rest of the world till 2021

Concluding, UK will be in the EU till 2021 and no promise of it being the final. It came after May was willing to pay £39bn, officially. Does it also mean that UK will have to pay their membership of £19bn each year plus all sorts of other fees, like paying for other countries which have not got their fees? In view of the two years extra, the EU would have their £60bn as demanded; a very clever move. The EU certainly knows how to make sure the money keeps rolling in.

It is known that the EU is the most corrupt organisation. Many years ago, the scandal broke that over £95tn are unaccounted for and the auditors refused to sign their account, tells everything. The EU supposed to be going bankrupt, despite of billions rolling in.

It is very doubtful that MPs, especial a group of Tory’s rebels will accept these new outcomes. There will be a vote on Wednesday, 17 Dec., 2017 in the House of Commons. Therefore, May could face another defeat.

The other problem May has, is to face the US and Saudi Arabia confrontation.

US president Donald Trump announced to make Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and planning to move his embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It was the most unwise decision any leader could have made in view of the constant Israeli domineering and tormenting Palestinian people pushing them to extinction and possessing the whole land.

There was an immediate uproar and protest from Palestine and its people and hundred died already being shot dead by Israeli soldiers. Well done, clever Trump. Anyone could have foreseen that.

The tension also was increased by Saudi Arabia. They disagreed with the decision and announced to support Palestine. In other words, confronting Trump and the US, if necessary. It will also have an impact on the mighty Israelis.

Even the UN announced a resolution against Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel. It will be interesting to see the reaction of Israel now.

But the most interesting point will be how May will deal with the situation. US and Saudi Arabia are her biggest Allies and weapon buyer.

Whichever side she moves to the other party will be lost and most probably turn hostile towards the UK.

Or will she play ostrich and trying to put her head into the sand, hopefully it will blow over again but with such an important confrontation it is hard to belief it will have an impact in future no matter how much she is trying to be diplomatic and keep out of it.
It also raises the question, will she and the Tories be able to cope with two such major issues or will they have to resign, which all people hope and Labour comes into power?

Well, as the saying goes “Time will tell”.