Saturday, 18 November 2017



Wow, this is great news and a move in the right direction.

Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man signed an agreement to stop tax dodging.

It has to be admired, their quick move after the revelation of the second tax dodging papers.

The first scandal was the Panama Papers which in retrospect had no result in the UK of any prosecution. The second was the Paradise Papers which many renamed Parasite Papers.

At first there were some chairs wobbling in Parliament but with the other scandal of Sex-Pests in Westminster it seems to have slipped, again, out of the limelight and apparently nothing will happen again.

Three tax havens where fatcats can put their money through a complicated but legal scheme, seem to have changed their minds.

Jersey’s chief minister Ian Gorst said he wanted to ensure “our island and financial services are not used by rogue operations”.

It is a good start and hopefully the other tax haven islands will follow soon.

Tax avoidance is legal by law and tax evasion is not but as a matter of fact they both lose the country trillions of pounds. Both systems are nothing but tax dodging and should be shut down. Surely no other country has such great amount of unpaid taxes.

Even EU are introducing laws to stop these tax dodging which nothing but ruin a country and making greedy fatcats even richer.

A fine example is the UK. Never, in recent decades had there been such a  massive gap between Super-rich and poor who chose between buying food or heating their home, even when they are working. In the last two years there were thousands of dead caused by starvation and/or hyperthermia.

Therefore, it had to be admired and appreciated by the people that Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man had taken the initiative so quickly to force tax dodgers out.

Tory Government have promised for years to cut them down but nothing happened. HMRC hardly have the staff to follow these complex routes because the government cut 11,000 and still planning a further 8,000.

How can Cameron and May talk about stopping tax dodging when at the same time they cut HMRC drastically. This is sheer hypocrisy.

The other point is that most of the tax haven are British and furthermore all those tax dodgers are donors to Conservatives and very close friends.

If they would really attempt to stop tax dodging the fatcats would turn on them with all the claws drawn and the Conservatives would not only be out of Government but also bankrupt.

But why open their mouth and promise knowing very well they would not and could not do it? People, today, are fully informed and aware of the situation.
It had been reckoned that the UK loses £120bn a year and the Tories do nothing about it but rather cutting Welfare, forcing disabled, some terminal ill, people into work, Universal Credit now rolled out but for six weeks no money. 

Sunday, 29 October 2017


While the constant exchange of insults from Washington and Pyongyang rages; the world keeps edging towards a war which could be most dangerous – a nuclear war.

A report brings us more facts about North Korea.

Analysis ranging from unclear detonations to 8,000 artilleries facing 25 million people in South Korea capital Seoul. It is half of South Korea population.

Before the US and their Allies thinking of attacking NK and feel already as victors; they got seriously to look at all the cost of lives and finances.

NK is a complete different situation to all the previous wars and invasions.

The most important point has to be considered, the aftermath if USA won.

East Germany was one of the most peaceful unification between East and West Germany, but it still costs $1,9trillion.

NK and SK unification, if peaceful, would be an estimated $800billion to $2trillion. The most important question is who is going to pay for it?

USA, reported only two days ago, is on the brink of bankruptcy. Even if the finances would be there it would blow a big hole as well as causes great manufacturing problems in other countries.

SK produces parts for Samsung flat-screen, Hyundai hatch backs and others. A conflict would stop many manufacturers which would have an impact worldwide.

SK has already reckoned with the cost of reconstruction of NK but not for their own country which will also be greatly damaged during the conflict. Even if China and Japan might help most of the costs will fall onto the USA.

It is thought that NK is capable of destroying an area of the Mississippi.

Now let’s us look at the cost of human lives and another surge of refugees. Comparing with the Syrian crises it is estimated of around five million if not more. These will be heading to the nearest country China and Russia at first.

Both countries have already strengthened their borders.

SK will have to resettle their own people and could stop NK refugees crossing the DMZ.

Even today the world is still not coping with the refugees from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan. A situation created by the USA and its Allies. While the USA is far from it all and now has almost closed their borders Europe and the Middle East take the brand.

There is no doubt that the USA encouraged Brussels to introduce “Schenken” law which means opens borders of all the 28 EU countries and they have been flooded ever since.

Max Brooks writes that not all refugees will be friendly.

Accordingly, NK receives a lot of cash from an unbelievable web sponsored by the state and their criminal activities are kept under control by Pyongyang.

The question is now what will happen at a defeat of NK? They are small group of mafias created and trained by one of the world’s hardest regimes.

Of course, they will spread to find new markets to operate.

As previously al Qaeda derived from anti-Soviet guerrillas and ISIS from Saddam Hussain’s Republican Guards. (Well done Bush and Blair)

These gangs coming out of NK would be highly trained, highly disciplined professional warriors forced to find a new way of live.

They would be full of revenge and able to get hold of weapons of the widest range such as chemical, biological and even nuclear.

This will be the situation of a chaotic aftermath which is almost worse than the war itself.

A lesson should be learned from the Iraq invasion. It cost more than a $1trillion, over one million people were killed, military and civilians, and the troubles still continuous today.

To finalise it, so far nobody has an answer how to stop Kim-Jong-un but bull-dozing into again is not the answer.

This war will be worse than any before, especially if he uses nuclear weapons and pushed into a tight corner, he will. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Losing or have already lost democracy?

The recent written “repeal Bill” seems to have too many restrictions the  on rights of British people but too many legislations restrict the Freedom and Democracy.

Although many newspapers and articles seem to have protested but the new repeal bill was voted in at the second time presented in the House of Commons.

It was a surprise that MPs did agree with it and another surprise the DUP voted against it joining the Labour Party. DUP is a coalition with the Tories but seems to vote rather with their conscious.

Having a lot of political turmoil all over the world the full impact of the repeal bill did not fully hit the public, including me, although a lot of warning signs were put out.

When I saw the above picture it hit me. Although, I thought it was a bit stretch too far. Later on, when I thought about it, it occurred to me that all total power grabbing people started quietly.

There is Hitler still spoken mostly about. He was just a soldier in the first WWI; came from an average family with no fortune behind them; Germany had the biggest inflation in history.  He got himself noted with his brown-shirted followers and big lies and walking out every time they should have voted in the Reichstag.

However, the main question remains, where did he get these massive sums of money from to build up a totally crashed economy and overnight? Yes, he started the Autobahn but it needed money which was not there because of inflation.

Some powerful, rich people or organisation must have encouraged Hitler, knowing very well he was mental, damaged by gas from the WWI. One was always named was Ford.

Looking at Hitler and the other dictators, it shows that they were all power-mad people and done anything to get the total control with that fact it does not seem so impossible in the UK. They all had a group around them encouraging that person and fearing to lose their own grip on power at the same time.

Therefore, it seems real that democracy has gone and PM May and the Tories did grab the full power if the bill gets the majority votes the third time. At the moment, Tories have a small majority over Labour. PM May bound to make sure they all vote in favour to keep their grips on the country.

After all, she let the £12bn Welfare cut, on top of all the hardship already existed, go through and it came into power on the 1 April, 2017. The full devastating impact has not shown yet; although 4,000 disabled people starved to death or committed suicide. She cut the winter fuel payment for pensioners although 40,000 died last winter of hyperthermia. They were scared to heat their home properly fearing a bill they cannot pay. 50,000 disabled people’s benefit was stopped for six months although the court stated it is illegal. 60,000 adapted cars for disabled people were taken off the road.

Trussel Trust the biggest food bank organiser was screaming at the Government to stop austerity because they can’t cope much longer, 1 million food parcel in 2016 and rapidly rising.

Starvation, homelessness, EU lowest wages, financially deprived schools, NHS and councils adds to the picture of PM May and her government ruthlessness and tyrannical rules while her friends became the richest in the world since 2010

Looking at all that, it does not seem that impossible anymore for May to be the next dictators. Some newspapers already labelled her a tin god dictator.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


This is one of my favourite recipes and I only can recommend it. It is easy to make following the instruction below and very nourishing:

The Classic Chicken Noodle Soup serves six people.

One 1.5 kg free-range chicken or 1.2 kg already sliced chicken

3 litres (5 pints) chicken stock

2 teaspoons of salt

1 inch ginger, peeled and cut

2 garlic cloves, thinly cut

4 tablespoon fish sauce

10 peppercorns

2 onions, peeled and finely sliced

4 tablespoons crisp-fried shallots (available from Chinese supermarkets)

300 g (10 oz) rice noodles

6 spring onions sliced

3 tablespoons chopped coriander

Put the chicken in the pot and poor chicken stock to cover, add salt, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, peppercorns, onions and shallots.

Bring it to boil, reduce the heat, and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove chicken and put aside for later. If you use sliced chicken simmer only 20 minutes and pour stock into a separate saucepan.

Then continue to simmer for half an hour to reduce the stock by half. Strain and return the stock to the heat. Skim off the fat floating on the top but it is optional.

Break the noodles into 1-in pieces put into a separate dish pour over boiling hot water and leave it for one minute. Drain off the water.

Serve it in a large soup dish or in six bowls. Put the noodles and pour the chicken soup over itTop of FormBottom of FormTop of FormBottom of Form

Sprinkle spring onions and coriander.

Offer lime wedges, thinly sliced red chillies and basil sprigs for serving.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Top of FormBottom of Form

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


and what do you see?

UK is the second largest arms dealer in the world. The largest is the USA. No wonder these two stick together! 

“You are the terrorists.

“You attack other countries on an obscure raft of lies

“You occupy, subjugate, rob and ruin them.

“You bomb civilians with our air force and with guided missiles.

“You sell arms to totalitarians.

“You fund the military of dictators.

“Its way past time that you recognized our own behaviour, stopping abruptly and begged forgiveness, paid for our crimes and declare peace.

“Not a chance of course.

“Instead you’ll make our poor pay for a new generation of nuclear weapons to terrorise other human beings with the threat of sudden mass destruction.

“See the extremist in the mirror.”
A summary of very true words copied from Twitter with some changes. Hopefully the author does not mind but the summoning up so very true, it was worthwhile to spread it.

Every ordinary man and women would agree with it but the politicians who are never at the spot of bombing and destruction. They are safely away, living a life of luxury, playing armchair generals and couldn’t care less how many innocent lives get destroyed as long it is profitable for them. 

PM May has sold arms to
£4,8m Afghanistan
£7,5m Colombia
£0,9m Burma
£1,3m Uzbekistan
£124m Iraq
£4,4m Turkmenistan
£135,000 Syria
£26m Pakistan
£1m Zimbabwe
£155m Israel
£335m China
£266m Russia
£240m Turkey
£1.6m Somalia
£1.2m South Sudan
£4b South Africa

Altogether arms deals were made to 22 out of 30 most repressive regimes
USA are masters of ruin and destruction with a record of 34 countries illegally invaded since the 50s with the UK supporting most of them.

If that isn’t war crime and terrorism, what is? 

The other point, where is the money going to with all these billions of arms deals, austerity, welfare cuts, NHS and schools cuts, homelessness because people can't pay the rent any more and most of them are working people?

The National debts has increased to £1,8trillon despite of all the cuts. sales of weapons, big companies and is the highest for 67 years. What is really going on? What happened to all that money?

Somebody must be siphoning off by the billions of pounds.

The most dedicated Tory could not vote for them and see the country and its people going down. What happened at GE2017? My opinion is that the result was half of it a fiddle somewhere; after all the deprivations imposed for the last six years.

Saturday, 22 July 2017


City of London will disgrace and shame itself by changing its rules purely to tempt a controversial float of Saudi Aramco state-controlled oil business.

It shows and proves to what extent the government and City bow down to oblige the wishes of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia plans to float 5 percent of Aramco’s shares either in London or New York.

The City, so far, strict rules were refusal “premium listing” unless a 25 per cent of the stock is sold.

Financial Conduct Authorities proposed a “new premium listing category for sovereign controlled companies” which would cancel the previous rule. An authority which also does not speak much of its principals

Watchdog said: “aims to enable companies which may (be) the subject of major privatisation transactions to choose the higher standards of premium listing”.

The FCA denies the intention to smoothen the way for Saudis’ float only but could not name another company.

Saudi Aramco is one of the most secretive companies in the world and a short consultation process will last till October. The float is planned for 2018 and would be worth £77billion plus assuming a few arms’ deals.

Saudi Arabia insists on a “premium listing” only; New York has no restriction. 

The float would be a huge benefit for banks, PR advisers and lawyers and the outcome of the decision does not need guessing.


Thursday, 20 July 2017


Consumer credit will not be that easily available over the next three months. This will add a further burden on households and eventually reduce buying and economy.

Bank’s latest credit conditions survey’s report showed a double-digit growth of personal loans and credit card debt during the past year.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney wants banks to put aside more funds to support lending in the event of a slowdown during rising inflation.

The survey also points out that banks are expecting to tighten credit scoring criteria during the following quarter.

The survey also showed an increasing demand for loans from small and medium-sized business which had not been the case during the last year.

Larger companies are avoiding further loans.

Is it all a sign of the ship going down despite of all the Government’s cut-backs and promises it is all for the sake of reducing the deficit?

Well one thing for sure the deficit has not reduced; the opposite has happened and shows an increase of horrendous proportion and is now at the highest level for 67 years. The National Debt is £1.8trillion.

However, the Government or PM May will not change course and add another £12bn Welfare cuts on top of already poor -, disabled - and even working people having to rely on food banks.

The state of this country and its people is incredible being the 6th richest in the world being turned back to Victorian time with no social welfare and NHS which is sold out to USA.

Evening Standard @russ_lynch