Sunday, 25 June 2017


UPDATE 2 Feb., 2018 - - Gary Haggart is now in prison; he received a six years sentence.

Gary Haggart used to be Chief of Ulster Volunteer Force and turned now Supergrass. He pleaded guilty to 200 terror offences and five murders at Belfast Crown Court.

This is to say and prove that the Ulster Volunteer Force done just as many crimes as the IRA. The British press kept reporting the terrible deeds of the IRA and very rarely the UVF’s crimes. Yet, according to other reports the UVF done some of the worst secretarial crimes in the Shankhill area, Belfast. It is a Catholic area while Northern Ireland is Protestant. Nobody was more fanatic and spew more hatred than Ref Ian Paisley. 

Gary Haggart’s crimes were committed over a period of 16 years from 1991 to 2007 and even continued for a further nine years after the Good Friday peace agreement. This also confirms another report about crimes are still committed despite the peace agreement which drastically reduced confrontations but has not stopped it altogether.

Adding to his list, he admitted further five attempted murders, with police amongst his intended victim, 23 counts of conspiracy to murder, directing terrorism. He’s belonging to a proscribed organisation assisting people to attempt murder fellow UVF terror chief and police informer Mark Haddock.

Haggart admitted responsibility for 304 minor offences.

The list of murders is John Harbinson, 39, Sean McParland, 55, builders Garry Convie, 24, Sean McDermott, 37, and Eamon Fox, 44.

Haggart, 45, expects a heavily reduced sentence for having turned Supergrass.

The long-time police informer is in protective custody and will give evidence against fellow terrorists.

Eamon’s son Ciaran Fox broke down outside court. He said: “It’s hard sitting in a courtroom watching a guy admitting to murdering your father.

“Police knew that my father and Gary Convie were both going to be murdered and they sat back and let it happen. That’s hard to swallow. I don’t care about the UVF, they’ll meet their maker some day.

“The police, the people who were in authority to protect and serve. They didn’t protect my family.”

Haggart supposed to have made accusations against 14 fellow loyalists, including murder.

His list covers aiding and abetting murder, kidnap, hijack, false imprisonment, arson, intimidation and conspiracy to riot. Is there still anything he couldn’t have done? It is certainly a very comprehensive list.

It will surprise you, or not, that it is suspected he will go free in September after being three years in custody. Another super law as in England. Won’t be long they get medals and rewards.

Mr Fox guesses that his father’s killer would not go into the witness box. If he did, it would expose too many top people and as we all know that is never done. 

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