Friday, 16 June 2017


Update 8 Feb., 2018 - - Bank of England announced it may have to increase interests rates again - most probably May.

Food prices, consumer goods and petrol prices are increasing alarmingly. Well done Mr Carney and just before Christmas!!!

Update 4 Nov., 2017 -- Mr Carney announced a 0,5 per cent interest rate.

In my opinion it will curb the buying power even more since the prices will increase. Then the £12bn Welfare cut will also have an impact by now.

Furthermore, the Universal Credit will be rolled out in Nov. and Dec., just nicely before Christmas, and the people wont get paid for six weeks. 

So don't blame the falling economy on anything else but on May and her bloodthirsty zombies. It is the sixth richest country and their politics do not make sense apart from filling their pockets more. There will be a mass homelessness, suicide and death from hyperthermia. 

They can't be human!!!!

Update 29 Sept., 2017 --
Mr Carney confirms there will be an interest rate increase as early as November, 2017. Another impact on finance for the families resulting in further homelessness.

Well done Tories. Can you find anything more to drive people into the ground? Sure you can!!! 

Update 20th June, 2017 --
Mark Carney, head of BoE, announced today there will be no increase in interest charges

Bank of England (BoE) have received many calls urging them to increase their interest rates back to 0.5 pc, since the inflation rose higher than expected.

It is expected the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will vote for it.

At present it is 0.25 pc.

Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) blamed rising prices as a “significant factor” for the slowed down retail sales in May.’

But isn’t it rather a fact of May’s £12bn Welfare cuts started on 1 April, 2017? Such massive cuts, on top of already hard-up people, bound to make them stop spending money on major items.

Signs already show a slow-down on household consumption and gross domestic products, housing market and new car registrations.

What does the Government expect?

The fact is the more you cut people’s money the less they spend which reduces orders to manufactures which reduces jobs.

It is as simple as that, but Cameron, Osborne and May will not accept the inevitable.

The result will be mass-unemployment like under Margaret Thatcher who ended up with five million but she, Cameron and May cover it up with all sort of fiddles to prove to voters a low unemployment figure.

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