Sunday, 11 June 2017

DUP TROUBLES STARTED Update 16 June, 2017

Update 16 June, 2017 --
Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein, came to London to tell PM May that signing a coalition with DUP will be illegal because the British Government was involved in the Good Friday Peace agreement on both sides. The main point in the agreement is that the British Government stays out of it. It had now been violated by May's action to safeguard her job.

PM May must have been aware of the law so why is she determined to defy it? She will be in even greater trouble if she did!  

DUP is very much governed by the Orange Order which is the opposite to the IRA and its Sinn Fein

The Orange Order marches down the street with bowler hats and orange sashes. They used to go into Catholic areas to strike fears and crime into people living there. The last time a fire bomb was thrown into a house and three little boys died. After that they were forbidden to go through Catholic areas.

Now, with Theresa May trying to build a coalition with DUP, the Orange Order already demanding for the ban to be lifted and by the looks of it, it will be.

Since Theresa May is so determined to get the Tories back in the House of Commons as Government the DUP is in full command of getting concessions out of it.

In other words, Theresa May and Tories could be governed by DUP because if they one granted they demand another.

Let’s not underestimate DUP and the Orange Order. They were, under Ref. Ian Paisley, a very determined lot and surely have not soften much. At this moment, with the current hung Parliament and Theresa May determination to be Prime Minister again, they see their full power of bargaining for several demands in their favour.

It is also assumed that they are asking for £350million, which they will lose when UK quits the EU,  to back up the Conservatives.

Another disturbing fact came from Liverpool on Saturday. Liverpool has a big Irish community and therefore the Orange Order held a march there. It was weeks before the time when they hold it usually.

As they marched down the street they spotted an Irish pub (Republic of Ireland) and it was attacked. The march before their normal time and the attack does not seem an accident.

As the government of the Irish Republic already warned Theresa May that her action could unhinge the Good Friday Agreement and feuding and killing between the Protestant and Catholic could start again.

Does May and her advisers ever think of the consequences or are they only concerned about their power?
Another rumour started that they want the UK to stop Brexit especially DUP was not for Brexit.

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