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PM MAY AND GE2017 AND DUP update 14 Sept., 2017

Update 14 Sept., 2017 - May's great coalition DUP voted with Labour to cancel the pay cap for Public Sector. Respect for DUP to vote against May despite being a coalition showing principles that Nurses, Police, Firebrigade deserve a decent wage.

It is incredible what happened in the last few months.

PM May denied, for weeks, to hold a General Election and suddenly announced a GE2017 held on 8 June, 2017 which cost the taxpayers £140million but there is no money for NHS, schools and housing.

Previous to that she agreed to Osborne’s budget of £12bn Welfare cuts, started on 1 April, 2017. People were already starving, food bank increasing rapidly plus homelessness and now on top of it she let the £12bn Welfare cuts go through.

Then in the last budget in March there was no mention of further funds for NHS which is in a great finance crisis and so are the schools.

Shortly, before she announced a General Election she planned to cut the school dinners which has a further devastating impact on families and children.

She plans to cut the Winter Fuel pay for pensioners. In winter 2014/15, which was mild, approx. 40,000 people died of hyperthermia, mostly old people.

PM May also wants to cancel the tribble-lock on pension, introduced by Labour, guaranteeing an increase in line with inflation.

Now the result of the GE2017 was obvious that May will not win, leave alone an increased majority.  How she and her adviser could not see it coming, is unbelievable?  Beside of that she never drew a crowd during her campaign, which was an obvious sign, and she made several U-turns plus kept changing her battle-cries but never gave any promises of funding NHS, schools, housing, increase minimum wages or tackle immigration.

How did they expect to win votes? Is she really so arrogant and big headed?

What possessed her to call an Election two weeks before the start of Brexit talk, on 19 June, 2017? It also emerged that they have no preparation. Wouldn’t it not been wiser to have worked on that and prepared themselves.
PM May and EU Tusk

After the Conservative’s disastrous result in GE2017, EU Mr Tusk cancelled the Brexit talk supposed to start on 19 June, 2017 and has not offered a new date until the political situation in the UK is settled. If time runs out before March 2019 the UK will leave the EU without any concessions.

All during the Election Campaign Tories accused Labour Leader Jeremy Corby of sympathising with the IRA but he only talk to them and brought a peace agreement between IRA and DUP about

The twist in the tail is that Theresa May wants to sign a coalition with DUP.
NI Unionists fighting Catholics

Now, to save her skin and establish a Government she must have at least 326 seats but they only achieved 319. She is now planning to sign a coalition with DUP of Northern Ireland which won 10 seats.
A song which they are singing

Democratic Union Party (DUP) was formed by Ian Paisley who kept spouting the most radical speeches and hatred against the Catholics. They were none the better than the IRA on committing crimes and murder. The British Press never reported them but only on IRA.

Today’s heads of DUP are Arlene Foster in Northern Ireland and Sir Jeffrey Donaldson in Westminster.  

People trying to find out more about DUP but the service is temporarily unavailable.

Sir Jeffrey already prophesized that since the Tories are desperate it puts a strong bargaining position on the DUP and that is where danger already lies.

A report in the Irish Times tells us more what is going on in the background and people should know.

It is not only about the Unionist’s past but it is about their recent actions.

Two days before Brexit referendum in June 2016 the free newspaper Metro was wrapped in a 4-page glossy supplement advising to leave the EU; surprisingly paid by the DUP.

At first DUP refused to disclose the cost but eventually it was an amount of £282,000 discovered.

It was not the end of the scandal. DUP admitted is came from a bigger donation from an undisclosed organisation, the Constitutional Research Council,

The question is now, why trying to influence voters on Brexit and why through DUP? One explanation is that NI is exempt from UK’s declaration of large donation.

A further question, who is really behind it all and why is it so important to influence the Brexit’s voting?

The head of Constitutional Research Council is Richard Cook a conservative activist. It has no legal status or membership list or publication and Cook does not seem to have half a million to spent on Brexit propaganda.

According DUP Peter Geoghegan and Adam Ramsay were not curious about the financial windfall.

Now the plot thickened. After further probing Richard Cook has a number of contacts with a senior, powerful Saudi royal family, who was also a former director of the Saudi intelligence agency.

Cook and Prince Nawwaf bin Abdul Aziz al Saud founded a company in April 2013, named Five Star Investments. It was listed in the company initial registration with 75 percent of shares for Prince Nawwaf, Cook 5 percent and Peter Haestrup, Danish national, 20 percent, lives in Wiltshire who has a dubious background.

Prince Nawwaf died n 2015 and had been Saudi minister for finance, government spokesman and diplomatic fixer. His son, Mohammed bin Nawwaf is Saudi’s ambassador to UK and Ireland since 2005.

It is baffling that at an age of 80 Prince Nawwaf would set-up a  business with an unknown Scottish activist.

Five Star Investment never filed an account and August 2014 the Company Office in Edinburgh threatened to strike it off; by December it was closed it.

It is surprising that Richard Cook had such a high-level Saudi connection. DUP claims they have no knowledge.

In February 2017 Arlene Foster said at a BBC interview that she did not know the amount the secret donor had given – later-on the party admitted the amount after further probing.

In March, Jeffrey Donaldson told openDemocracy DUP did not need to know the true source of the money which is not true.

UK electoral commission states “a donation of more than £500 cannot be accepted if the donation is from a source that cannot be identified.”

The result is DUP has to pay back £425,622. So far was not done it and therefore is looks like the donor is not foreign and is illegal.

May not only made her worst decision to hold an election and plans to have a coalition with DUP.

Her Tory MPs are furious and almost 300,000 people signed a petition in the first 12 hours.

If she still goes ahead many people don’t think she’ll survive it for long and there will be another General Election.

If she doesn’t go ahead she cannot build a Government.

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