Tuesday, 25 July 2017


and what do you see?

UK is the second largest arms dealer in the world. The largest is the USA. No wonder these two stick together!

“You are the terrorists.

“You attack other countries on an obscure raft of lies

“You occupy, subjugate, rob and ruin them.

“You bomb civilians with our air force 

and with guided missiles.

“You sell arms to totalitarians.

“You fund the military of dictators.

“Its way past time that you recognized our own behaviour, stopping abruptly and begged forgiveness, paid for our crimes and declare peace.

“Not a chance of course.

“Instead you’ll make our poor pay for a new generation of nuclear weapons to terrorise other human beings with the threat of sudden mass destruction.

“See the extremist in the mirror.”
A summary of very true words copied from Twitter with some changes. Hopefully the author does not mind but the summoning up so very true, it was worthwhile to spread it.

Every ordinary man and women would agree with it but the politicians who are never at the spot of bombing and destruction. They are safely away, living a life of luxury, playing armchair generals and couldn’t care less how many innocent lives get destroyed as long it is profitable for them. 

PM May has sold arms to
£4,8m Afghanistan
£7,5m Colombia
£0,9m Burma
£1,3m Uzbekistan
£124m Iraq
£4,4m Turkmenistan
£135,000 Syria
£26m Pakistan
£1m Zimbabwe
£155m Israel
£335m China
£266m Russia
£240m Turkey
£1.6m Somalia
£1.2m South Sudan
£4b South Africa

Altogether arms deals were made to 22 out of 30 most repressive regimes
USA are masters of ruin and destruction with a record of 34 countries illegally invaded since the 50s with the UK supporting most of them.

If that isn’t war crime and terrorism, what is? 

The other point, where is the money going to with all these billions of arms deals, austerity, welfare cuts, NHS and schools cuts, homelessness because people can't pay the rent any more and most of them are working people?

The National debts has increased to £1,8trillon despite of all the cuts. sales of weapons, big companies and is the highest for 67 years. What is really going on? What happened to all that money?

Somebody must be siphoning off by the billions of pounds.

The most dedicated Tory could not vote for them and see the country and its people going down. What happened at GE2017? My opinion is that the result was half of it a fiddle somewhere; after all the deprivations imposed for the last six years.

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